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Pressure Washing FAQ - Red Deer and Surrounding Areas 


**What surfaces do you pressure wash?**

We pressure wash houses, roofs, concrete surfaces, decks, fences and more in Red Deer and surrounding areas.


**How often should I get pressure washing done?**  

Most residential customers in Red Deer get pressure washing annually or bi-annually.


Window Cleaning FAQ - Red Deer and Surrounding Areas  


**Do you clean interior and exterior windows?**

Yes, we professionally clean all exterior and accessible interior windows in the Red Deer region.


 Lawn Care FAQ - Sylvan Lake Only


**What lawn services do you provide in Sylvan Lake?**

Our basic lawn care covers mowing, trimming and edging to keep lawns in Sylvan Lake neat.  


**How frequently do you mow in Sylvan Lake?**

We typically mow every 1-2 weeks during the growing season in Sylvan Lake.


Gutter Cleaning FAQ - Red Deer and Surrounding Areas


**Why is gutter cleaning important?**

Regular gutter cleaning prevents clogs that can cause water damage and basement leaks.


**How often should I get gutters cleaned in Red Deer?**

Most Red Deer homes need gutter cleaning 1-2 times per year.


Deck/Fence Revival FAQ - Red Deer and Surrounding Areas


**What does the revival service include?**

Our deck and fence revival includes a deep clean and re-staining/sealing in Red Deer.  


**How often should decks/fences be re-sealed?**

Most wood decks and fences in Red Deer need re-sealing every 2-3 years.


 Handyman FAQ - Red Deer and Surrounding Areas


**What handyman services do you offer in Red Deer?**

We provide basic handyman services like repairs, painting, caulking in Red Deer.


Snow Removal FAQ - Sylvan Lake


**What snow services are offered in Sylvan Lake?**

We provide residential snow shoveling/plowing for driveways, walks and stairs.


**How soon after a snowfall will you arrive?**

Our Sylvan Lake crew aims to clear properties within 24 hours after significant snow.

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